zeinajojomajojo asked: sun or moon~

moon~  Sun and i don’t get along =_=

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Anonymous asked: hug or kiss

hugss~~~ i love hugs ;w;

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Anonymous asked: bus or car ??


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Anonymous asked: morning OR night /good question/~

/taps head/ yes good question, anon.

HMMM. i think i’ll choose morning! it’s always the start of a new day that i will probably be unproductive again kkk

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Anonymous asked: speech or presentation *lol*

hmm~ i’ve never said a speech, so i’ll choose presentation! 

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holdingontheheaven asked: if food is your soulmate, what is your fave food? this reminds me that we talked some months ago (you had complained about how quiet tumblr was) about cereals and how you found it weird that ppl put yoghourt in their cereals well I found out that I was only one doing that besides my family xD did your hugging anon forgot to press anon button too?

I basically eat everything kk LOL OH YEAH I REMEMBER THAT. 

yes kk, she forgot to press the anon button, and she told me to forget that i know who she is xD

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Anonymous asked: T.V / laptop^^

laptop~ my laptop and i are besties, i even named him.

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Anonymous asked: Arabic or English


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Anonymous asked: kyuhyun or kyuhyun

it’s a tough choice, but i’ll gamble with Kyuhyun


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Anonymous asked: Food or sleep 😁

BOTH. these are the only things that i live for (besides SJ kk)

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